Skye Pics: 




Black Heart Event:Skye

Time:10pm-12am,Sunny Day|Walk from main pathway to The Mansion.

You will see a silver/white haired man walking out of the mansion.He walks over to you as he is about to leave,and makes a comment about how beautiful you are.Then,Lumina interupts when she sees him.She asks"Aren't you that theif that worns  his victims ahead of time?"He charms Lumina,then runs away.Lumina run after him,then comes back saying he ran away from her!You End up leaving to sleep to have some sweet dreams.

Purple heart Event:Skye 

Time:6:00am-12pm,Walk into the Bar.

As you walk into the bar,Muffy and Griffin says you've come at a good Time!They said they have recived a letter from "Phantom" Skye.They ask if you would assist them.Say option 1/Yes.They will ask you to come back at 10pm-12am.

When you go there at 10pm-12am,Muffy&Griffin will greet you.Suddenly,Muffy and Griffin smell some delicious....Curry?After they go to investigate the smell,you are in watch for the bar.Skye suddenly comes in saying how it is fate that you 2 keep bumping into each other.Could it be?Say Could it be fate?Or option 1.Then,He suddenly Fires his Chick Beam Attack on you.You can't move!He begins rummaging through the bottles.Keep asking the questions,And don't put "Stay Quiet"!He overhears Muffy and Griffin comingback and runs out.They come in to see what happend.Seems Skye had taken Okahatten,One of their Bottles of Wine.They thank you anyway.

Blue Heart Event-Skye

time:8am-12pm,Walk from Vesta's farm to the mine area.

As you walk down to the Tent,Carter and Flora tells you that they recieved a letter from Phantom Skye!They ask for your help.Say Yes,and they'll tell you to come back at 10pm-12am.

(Make sure to go in the tent when Flora's inside!!!!~IMPORTANT!)

When you walk in the tent,Flora and Carter says their still waiting for the theif.Suddenly,Carter says Skye might be stealing from the Mines right at this moment!!When they go to see,Skye sneaks in.He says to not worry,he won't use his magic.He tells you he came to speak with you,not to steal!He asks if you would go somewhere else because Carter and Flora could be back any minute!You and him stumble apon the beach and talk.Skye saysit's his life long dream to cook curry,to make the best curry ever.He says yet some thing is missing....So he asks you what you think it might be.Answer "You aren't cooking with love.",And Skye will be pleased.He tells you he has to leave now,but he can't take you home.You wouldn't want to be caught with a theif,right?You return bak to Carter&Flora.They ask you if Skye showed up.You adimaticly say No,and they thank you anyway.

green heart event:skye

*Walk Main path way to Vesta's farm

6:00AM -10:00AM

Not winter season,Sunny,friday.

Out in front of the shop Marlin, Celia, and Vesta are glad to see you. They just receive a notice from Skye, staying that he'll be there at midnight to get their crops! Celia doesn't feel there's much the 3 of them can do but maybe you can lend them your power? Tell them you can and Vesta tells you to return to their house between 10:00 pm and midnight.

At the correct time, meet up with the group inside Vesta's house. Now you are all together to fight for the important crops. Outside Celia thinks you all need to think of a strategy, so Marlin figures you'll all split up and hide. You and Vesta take the southern field while Celia and Marlin take the northern one.

The two of you discover Skye in his hiding place in the field. Vesta tells him he won't be taking their crops, but Skye puts on his romantic charms and tries to tell her that a beautiful face is spoiled with anger. That doesn't work on Vesta! Tell him to stop stealing again  but he just laughs at you. Are you worried about him? Well he's not ready for that yet and unleashes his Maiden Chick Beam on the both of you! Now that you and Vesta are frozen, Skye decides his work for tonight is done and tries to leave, but ends up running into Celia and Marlin. Skye tries his ways on Celia and is cut off by Marlin. Skye isn't interested in pursuing men. He freezes Celia with his Maiden Chick Beam and leaves Marlin to deal with a stuck girl.

After Skye escapes you gather back in front of the shop. Marlin and Celia are disappointed they didn't catch him, but Vesta cheers them up.


Yellow heart event:Skye

Inside the lobby of the Inn, Ruby lets you know she received a notice from the thief, Skye. Rock and Nami rush into the lobby as they had heard about the notice. Skye will be there at midnight. Ruby is pretty calm about it but Rock says it's his chance to catch the thief and become a hero! Rock asks if you can help them out, so tell them of course you can. Rock and Nami leave to think of a strategy, while Ruby reminds you to come back between 10:00 pm and  12:00 am. 

Return to the Inn at the correct time and no one will be inside. From outside you'll hear shouting of "thief thief!" so you quickly make you way towards the noise. You'll bump into Skye running down the pathway, who asks if you will let him escape. Tell him you'll let someone else catch him. Skye is shocked that you would protect a phantom thief. He blushes and tells you tonight you are radiant, then rushes off down the path.

After Skye escapes you'll find a mob of people running towards you! Ruby had gone to Vesta's for help and now everyone's gathered together. Rock says he showed up and asks you where he is, but you don't know. I guess he didn't come this way after all, but Marlin figures he's already escaped. He couldn't have gone far though as the mob takes off in the opposite direction that Skye went. You head off to go to bed.


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