Kai Pics: 



Black Heart Event-Kai:

Time:10am-4pm,Anyday,Sunny,@ the beach.

Walk into the beach,and you will be greeted by Kai.Kai asks if you would like somthing to eat.Then,he mentions he had somthing to ask you.He says he has been patting you on the back ever since her met you,and if it's a bit to "touchy"?Answer Not at all!He will feel releived,then say it must be time for you to go to work.

Purple Heart Event-Kai:


You walk into the beach,walking over to Kai's Snack Shack.When you see he's not there,He calls your name and asks for you to come talk to him.After you go over there,Kai asks you what's your favorite season?Say summer,and Kai will be pleased.

Blue Heart Event-Kai:

Time:Beach,10am-4pm,Sunny day.

When you walk into the beach,Kai says he messed up a dish and made one-to-many!He asks if you would like one,No charge!When he gives you the food,Murrey rushes over and asks for the food.say Sure!Murrey thanks you both,and kai says that he likes Kind hearts!Then he reminds you it's time to go back to work.

 Yellow Heart Event-Kai:

Time:6:30pm-10pm,Walk into the Inner Inn.

As you walk into the Inn,Ruby and Kai are talking to each other about the Goddess Spring.Could there be a Goddess there or in Mineral Town?Kai asks if you would like to go there with him.Ruby says how romantic of a date!,But Kai isn't shy at all.Answer 'Yes',and you'll be on your way with him.

When you get there,You both make a wish.Wish that you want to be closer to Kai.Kai says he wished the same!Surely,It will come true,Or has it already?Kai then walks you back to the farm.

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