I will only add tips on Harvest Moon DS Cute!

Harvest Moon DS Cute Intro:

As you begin the game,The Harvest Goddess Asks you some questions;

To Determine your charater:

1.)Which do you primiarly play,Gamecube or GameBoy Advance?

2.)Do you like blonde hair?

3.)How about ponytails?

4.)Now be honest,Which do you like better?

Charater Info:

1.)Your name

2.)Your birthday

3.)Your Ranches name

4.)Your dogs name

5.)Your cats name

After you answered these questions,You are sleeping,while the Harvest Goddess is talking about how you won't work.The Harvest King,Then,Argues with the Goddess,So the Goddess And the Sprites With her have been sent to another world.The King Wrote you a letter saying you must save them.


 Harvest Moon DS cute Screen Shots:

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